mediation leads to amicable results

Is mediation right for me?

You may not realize that, in certain situations, your divorce can be just a matter of filling out the correct forms and submitting them to the court.  There may be no need to ever appear in front of a judge.  In mediation, you and your spouse work together with a joint, neutral, attorney who can…

Do you need a Premarital Agreement?

Celebrity divorces are often in the news, and they often have premarital agreements. Although they sound unromantic, and they address issues that do not excite most wedding planners, having an agreement already in place to address property and support in a potential divorce down the road can be a cost and stress-saver for both spouses. Instead of a long and expensive divorce, a strong premarital agreement can often provide quick closure…

What is your date of separation?

In California, all property acquired during marriage, including each spouse’s income, is presumed to be community property (each spouse owns 50%). After spouses separate (that is, decide the marriage is over), all property or income acquired after that date is a spouse’s separate property (they own the property 100%). Thus, a very important question in every divorce is: What, or when, is our specific date of separation?